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Improving Everyday Shipping With Innovation


Driving a Sustainable Future

At Seven Elk Shipping Inc., our mission is to redefine the standards of global logistics and freight solutions through innovation, reliability, and unparalleled customer service. We aim to seamlessly connect businesses and communities worldwide, ensuring the safe, efficient, and sustainable delivery of goods. 

Operational Excellence

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously improve and adapt in the fast-paced shipping industry, fostering long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual success. Through dedication, integrity, and a forward-thinking approach, we strive to be the preferred choice for all shipping needs, making a positive impact on the global supply chain and the environment. 


Meet the Founders

At Seven Elk Shipping Inc., integrity, innovation, and inclusivity define our team culture and work philosophy. Shay and Tom champion a workspace where unique ideas flourish, emphasizing employee empowerment, professional growth, and work-life balance. Our proactive approach aims to simplify global shipping, prioritize efficiency, and champion sustainability, embodying our commitment to positive global impact. What distinguishes our team is our unified drive to elevate shipping standards, leveraging our diverse expertise and visionary outlook. This synergy not only navigates but also shapes the future of logistics, establishing Seven Elk Shipping Inc. as more than a service provider—we're a dedicated partner in our clients' success, passionately pushing the envelope in the shipping industry.



"Our team's dedication and innovative spirit drive Seven Elk Shipping forward. They're not simply employees; they're our greatest asset and the heart of our mission to deliver sustainable and seamless shipping solutions."



"Our team's unique skills and dedication are key to exceeding client expectations. Their hard work and shared vision for revolutionizing the industry through efficiency and service excellence make Seven Elk's success possible."


Seven Elk Shipping in the News

Seven Elk Shipping Inc. stands as a testament to the unmatched strength, enduring resilience, and noble spirit of service and protection that our brand embodies. Inspired by the majestic elk, an emblem of strength and endurance in nature, our branding reflects these core qualities in every facet of our operations. The elk symbolizes the nobility of our commitment to providing secure, reliable, and efficient shipping solutions worldwide. The number seven in our name is not arbitrary; it signifies the seven tines found on a bull elk, also known as an Imperial. These magnificent creatures are mature, embodying wisdom and experience, and are a rare sight, making them highly sought after. This mirrors our position in the logistics and shipping industry—where Seven Elk Shipping represents a unique blend of seasoned expertise, rare and valuable insights, and a commitment to excellence that is as exceptional as the sight of an Imperial elk. 

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